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Here are a few of my patients, past and present, and their opinions on the service I provide.

“So warm and welcoming. My 5yr old was so relaxed around her and loved chatting about dinosaurs. He son was never nervous about going back. Defiantly recommend"

Kris, Dereham

“I had a MRI scan on my lower back area, and my doctor told me my condition was a degenerative issue, and would only get worse over time! My back was causing me so much pain, it was difficult for me to sit, stand or walk, and to do any housework or anything strenuous would leave me in agony.
Well, my first consultation with Chloe was a huge step forward, as she explained to me that she will be able to help me, by using her [osteopathic] skills, and explaining to me the benefit of me following a sensible exercise routine (in bed thankfully!) to strengthen my middle core, which in turn would support my crumbling spinal area better.
She was absolutely correct too, while I am not ‘cured‘ as that is not possible, but my quality of life is much better now than 3 years ago, I am more mobile than I was, and this is totally thanks to Chloe, and her wonderful skills and understanding of my issues.
I wholeheartedly recommend Chloe to anyone with a problem with their body, and she is a lovely lady too!"

Eileen, Norwich

"I first met Chloe when my Chiro Practitioner was on maternity leave. So impressed by her Osteopathy expertise I decided to continue my treatment at her practice. My 85 year old mother and daughter also have treatment either periodically or regularly according to individual needs and I cannot recommend Chloe highly enough, never failing to be relieved of pain and discomfort, it truly is remarkable. A lovely lady always jolly, warm and welcoming... I would just like to say a huge thank you Chloe for taking such care of me and my family."

Hilary, Lowestoft

“ I have nothing but positive things to say about Chloe and always recommend her to friends. She treated me throughout my pregnancy to alleviate my ongoing aches and pains and I am convinced my birth was so quick and straightforward because of how calm and comfortable I was thanks to her treatments.

Chloe tailors each treatment to address problem areas. Every session I had was bespoke based on a combination of Chloe's specialist opinion as well as my own input on what was troubling me. I always appreciated that Chloe took the time to explain what was happening to my problem areas, why they may be aching or hurting whilst also providing tips to prevent similar problems from happening again

Since having my daughter we have taken her to be treated by Chloe for cranial massage. Chloe was patient and gentle and Freya was always at ease with her. We have noticed a big difference in her mood and sleep since having these sessions.

Before my pregnancy I completely underestimated the impact of osteopathy on not only the body but also wellbeing. It is something I will continue to have throughout my life and will only choose Chloe as my osteopath!."

Jenna, Norwich

“A fantastic osteopath, she always manages to sort out my injuries and issues!"

Jessica, Dereham

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